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Tooele County Commission12/18/20187:00 PM
Meeting Documents
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Supporting Materials
  Minutes - 12-4-2018.Min.Draft.docx
  Invoices - Invoices.pdf
  Tax Adjustments - Tax Adjustments-Abatements.2.pdf
  Tax Adjustments - Tax Adjustments-Abatements.pdf
  Ratifications - County Software License Agreement - Sheriffs Department - CorEMR, L.C..pdf
  Ratifications - Dispatch Service Agreement - TC - Bureau of Indian Affairs.pdf
  Ratifications - Larson CPA - Independent Audit Engagement Letter.pdf
  Ratifications - Recreation District engagement letter - Larson CPA.pdf
  Ratifications - TeCo.GovtRelations.MichaelBestStrategies.JeffHartley.ExecutedAgreement.4Dec18.pdf
  Ratifications - Tooele County Middle Canyon Lease Agreement.pdf
  Ratifications - Signed Notice to Proceed for New CJC.pdf
  Ratifications - TeCo.CountySeat.SponsorshipAgreement.Executed.13Dec18.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-11-01 - Space Lease and Service Agreement to lease space on an existing Communication.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-11-03 - Cooperative Corridor Agreement Between Utah Department of Transportation, Tooele City and Tooele County.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-06-09-Pharmacy Services Agreement - Tooele County Jail Between Tooele County and.pdf
  Contract Review - 95-01-05 - ACE Disposal - Road Department.pdf
  Contract Review - 95-01-06 - ACE Disposal - Grantsville Senior Center.pdf
  Contract Review - 95-01-07 - ACE Disposal - Tooele Senior Center.pdf
  Contract Review - 95-01-08 - ACE Disposal - Courthouse.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-12-02-Memorandum of Understanding & Partnership Between Tooele County and Grantsville City- Snow Removal Sheep Lane, Vegas Street and Sun Valley Drive.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-12-03-Space Lease and Service Agreement Between Tooele County and Kilgore Co..pdf
  Ordinance 2018-14 - Enacting Chapter 30, Regulatio - Ord 2018-14 DRAFT - Enacting Chapter 30, Regulation of All Mining, Quarry, Sand and Gravel Excavation Operations, TCLUO.pdf
  Ordinance 2018-14 - Enacting Chapter 30, Regulatio - Ord 2018-14 - Planning and Zoning Paperwork.pdf
  Ordinance 2018-14 - Enacting Chapter 30, Regulatio - Final Draft of TCLUO Chapter 30, Redlined.pdf
  Decision on Appeal of Planning Commission Decision - Appeal App - Saddleback Plat 10.pdf
  Decision on Appeal of Planning Commission Decision - Receipt - Saddleback Plat 10 Appeal to County Commission.pdf
  Decision on Appeal of Planning Commission Decision - Final Plat - Saddleback Plat 10 Revised 10-12-2018.pdf
  Decision on Master Development Agreement for Adobe - Master Development Agreement for Adobe Rock Ranch, 12-13-18.pdf
  Decision on Proposed Interlocal Agreement with Sta - Interlocal Agreement with Stansbury Service Agency for Tooele County Annex.pdf
  See attachment - Board Openings.docx