Meeting Information
Meeting TypeMeeting DateMeeting Time
Tooele County Commission8/7/20187:00 PM
Meeting Documents
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Supporting Materials
  Minutes - Minutes of Election Canvas Meeting.pdf
  Invoices - Warrants.pdf
  Ratifications - Indigent Burial Vendor Approval.pdf
  Contract Review - 13-02-04 - Interlocal Cooperagreement between Tooele County, TC School District - Emergency Siren Placement.pdf
  Contract Review - 13-03-04 - MOU between US Army DPG & TC Health Dept Div of Emergency Management.pdf
  Contract Review - 13-03-05 - Contract for Sale and Purchase of Natural Gas Between Tooele County and Summit Energy, LLC.pdf
  Contract Review - 13-04-04 - Interlocal Coop Agreement between City of Wendover, UT and Tooele County Building Inspection Service.pdf
  Contract Review - 13-05-01 - Agreement between Certified Shred & Tooele County.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-03-03 - Second Amend. to Indenture of Trust Between Tooele County & Wells Fargo Bank, National Association.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-04-02 - State of Utah Dep of AdminServices, Div of Facilities Construction & Mgmt -Contract #97-1749 Amend #5- Lease of Office Space in Wendover for Dept of Public Safety .pdf
  Contract Review - 14-04-03 - Memorandum of Agreement Between Tooele County Sheriff Office and U.S. Army Garrison Dugway Proving Ground.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-04-04 - MOU Between U.S. Army Garrison DPG & Sheriff’s Office- Capture & Recovery of Chemical Agend or Biological Select Agents and Toxins..pdf
  Contract Review - 92-05-05 - Joint Fuel Station Ibapah.pdf
  Contract Review - 93-03-02 - Town of Vernon building Inspection Services.pdf
  Contract Review - 99-07-11 - Communications Agreement - Delle Site.pdf
  Purchase and Sale Agreement with Tristan Sherwood - Purchase Agreement - County to Tristan Sherwood.pdf
  Public Hearing on Second Amendment to Development - Public Hearing on Second Amendment to Development Agreement with Saddleback Partners.pdf
  Second Amendment to Development Agreement with Sad - Saddleback Partners Second Amendment to Development Agreement.pdf
  Resolution 2018-08 - Approving the Withdrawal of a - Res 2018-08 DRAFT - Approving the Withdrawal of an Area of Real Property From the Saddleback SSD.pdf
  Resolution 2018-08 - Approving the Withdrawal of a - Res 2018-08 - Letter From Saddleback Regarding SSSD.pdf
  Property Tax Settlement - ATI - ATI 2017 Stipulation.pdf
  Property Tax Settlement - ATI - ATI Agreement.pdf
  Ordinance 2018-09 - Amending Title 9, Business Lic - Title 9 Business License - DRAFT.pdf
  State Credit Card Policies and Procedures Discussi - Credit Card Policy 2018.docx