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Tooele County Commission12/5/20177:00 PM
Meeting Documents
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Supporting Materials
  Minutes - 11-07-2017.Min.docx
  Minutes - 11-21-2017.Min DRAFT..docx
  Tax Adjustments - Tax Adjustments.pdf
  Contract Review - 05-05-08 - Memorandum of Understanding Confederate Tribes of the Goshute Reservation and Tooele County.pdf
  Contract Review - 10-10-03 - Agreement Between Tooele County and Tooele County School District for School Resource Officer for Stansbury High School.pdf
  Contract Review - 10-10-04 - Agreement Between Creative Software Solutions, LLC ta MJM Innovations and Tooele County Aging and Adult Services.pdf
  Contract Review - 11-09-04 - Fire Protection Mutual Aid Agreement Between Tooele County and U.S. Army Garrison Dugway Proving Ground.pdf
  Contract Review - 11-09-06 - Master Participating Agreement Between Tooele County and the USDA, Forest Service, Uinta-Wasatch- Cache National Forest.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-10-07 - Christensen & Griffith Emergency Management Communications Towers- Hold.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-10-03 -Dispatch Service Agreement Between Tooele County and Utah Department of Corrections.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-10-~3.PDF
  Contract Review - 15-10-03 - Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreement between the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office and the USDA, Forest Service #15-LE-11041914-057.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-10-04 - Contract between Phillip Cook LLC (JDC) and Tooele County. To provide Appraisal and backup support services.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-11-01 - Amendment of Funding Allocation for State Fiscal Year 2016-Substance Abuse.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-11-~1.PDF
  Public Hearing - Proposed Budget for the 2018 Fisc - 2018 Final Budget.pdf
  Ordinance 2017-15 - Amending the Official Zoning M - Ord 2017-15 DRAFT - Rezoning Holiday Oil Property, Bates Canyon Road and SR-36, C-N to C-S.pdf
  Ordinance 2017-15 - Amending the Official Zoning M - Ord 2017-15 - Planning Commission Paperwork.pdf
  Ordinance 2017-16 - Separating the Office of Clerk - Ord 2017-16 DRAFT - Separating the Clerk-Auditor Office Into Two Offices.pdf