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Tooele County Commission9/19/20177:00 PM
Meeting Documents
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Supporting Materials
  Minutes - 08-15-2017.Min DRAFT.docx
  Invoices - Warrants.pdf
  Tax Adjustments - Tax Adjustments.pdf
  Ratifications - Amendment of Funding allocation for State Fiscal Year 2018-Substance Abuse - Contract #160235.pdf
  Ratifications - Burnett - Engagement letter.pdf
  Ratifications - Contract Audit Agreement - Ulrich & Associates.pdf
  Contract Review - 13-08-04 - Lease Agreement Between Tooele County and Valley Mental Health for the Tooele County Food Bank and Resource Center.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-05-02 - Statewide Memorandum of Agreement for the Special Needs Registry Between the State of Utah, Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management and Tooele County.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-06-06 - Tooele County License to Use Agreement Between Tooele County and Jared Hammer.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-06-02 - State of Utah - Bailiff Services contract.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-08 Fire Protection Agreement between USAG DPG.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-09 Contract between JVIATION.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-10 Consultant Agreement between InterPlan Co..pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-11 Dispatch Service Agreement.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-12 Agreement between Ambulance Service LLC.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-13 Service Agreement Wendover Ambulance.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-14 Contract between Board of Equalization.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-15 Contract between KS StateBank.pdf
  Contract Review - 15-07-16 Contract between Board of Equalization.pdf
  Contract Review - 99-07-12 - Communications Lease Agreement - UCAN - Tooele County.pdf
  Contract Review - 16-07-01 - Dispatch Service Agreement- Tooele County- Mountain West Ambulance Service.pdf
  Utility Cost Management Consultants (Presenter Bry - UCMC Agreement.pdf
  Extension of the Department of the Armys Right-of - Right of Entry for Groundwater Monitoring Contract #DACA05-8-17-0021.pdf
  Ratification of Contract with Jody Burnett of Snow - Burnett - Engagement letter.pdf