Meeting Information
Meeting TypeMeeting DateMeeting Time
Tooele County PC5/3/20177:00 PM
Meeting Documents
AgendaAgenda PacketAction SummaryMinutesMinutes PacketVideo
  AGENDA -- COMPILED  (HTML)No Video Available.
Supporting Materials
  Approval of meeting minutes from April 5, 2017 - MINUTES.docx
  CUP 2017-04 Consider a Conditional Use Permit for - Verizon Iosepa CUP Packet.pdf
  SUB 2017-05 Consider Concept Plat Approval of Holi - Holiday Oil Concept Plat Packet.pdf
  VAC 2017-01 Consider Vacating a portion of Lakesho - Lakshore Drive Vacation Packet.pdf
  Consider Amending the Tooele County General Plan b - DraftTooeleCountyCRMP_04182017.pdf