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Tooele County Commission3/21/20177:00 PM
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Supporting Materials
  Minutes - 02-21-2017.Min DRAFT.docx
  Invoices - Warrants.pdf
  Tax Adjustments - Tax Adjustments.2.pdf
  Tax Adjustments - Tax Adjustments.pdf
  Ratifications - Engagement with Ulrich & Associates for Independent Audit.pdf
  Ratifications - Lease Agreement with Pitney Bowes for new Mail Machine.pdf
  Contract Review - 10-03-03 - Memorandum of Agreement Between Tooele County and Utah State University Extension, to Staff and Operate a Small Business Sub-center located in the Tooele Business Resource Center..pdf
  Contract Review - 10-12-04 - Agreement be and between Tooele County and Connex Information Systems, Inc. Relating to the Provision of Computer Services for the Tooele County Jail.pdf
  Contract Review - 07-11-06-Agreement with Wendover City for Law Enforcement Services provided by the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office.pdf
  Contract Review - 09-03-03-Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between Tooele County and Box Elder County for exchange of Road Maintenance.pdf
  Contract Review - 11-04-05 - Route Deviation Services Agreement Between Utah Transit Authority and Tooele County.pdf
  Contract Review - 11-12-10 - Custodial Agreement for Loan and Use of Federal Excess Personal Property Between Tooele County and the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands Division.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-09-03-Addendum to Contract Between Allied Waste Services of North America, LLC.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-10-01 - First American Payment System- ATM Owner Processing Agreement- Deseret Peak.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-11-09 - Letter of Understanding Between the Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN).pdf
  Contract Review - 12-12-06-Memorandum of Agreement Between Tooele County Attorney’s Office and.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-12-07-Tooele County Public Defender Conflicts Agreement- Jon D. Williams.pdf
  Consideration and Vote on Tourism Tax Advisory Boa - Tourism Grant Apps-1st round.pdf
  Ordinance 2017-06 - Amending the Official Zoning M - Ord 2017-06 DRAFT - Rezoning Meadowbrook Ranch Estates Property East of Droubay Road, RR-5 to RR-1.pdf
  Ordinance 2017-06 - Amending the Official Zoning M - Ord 2017-06 - Planning Commission Paperwork.pdf
  Ordinance 2017-07 - Amending Sections 1-12-3, 6-19 - Ord 2017-07 DRAFT - Amending Sections 1-12-3, 6-19-2, 6-19-4, Emergency Management, TCC.pdf
  Mutual Release and Settlement Agreement Between Ra - Mutual Release and Settlement Agreement Ranch 77 - DRAFT.pdf