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Tooele County Commission12/1/20157:00 PM
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Supporting Materials
  Invoices - Invoices.pdf
  Tax Adjustments - Tax Adjustments.pdf
  Ratifications - Health Deprtment EMS Grant Amendment-Sheriffs Office.pdf
  Contract Review - 07-11-06-Agreement with Wendover City for Law Enforcement Services provided by the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office.pdf
  Contract Review - 09-03-03-Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between Tooele County and Box Elder County for exchange of Road Maintenance.pdf
  Contract Review - 11-12-14-Youth Services Agreement Between Tooele County and Valley Mental Health, Inc..pdf
  Contract Review - 12-06-09-Pharmacy Services Agreement - Tooele County Jail Between Tooele County and.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-12-06-Memorandum of Agreement Between Tooele County Attorney’s Office and.pdf
  Contract Review - 12-12-07-Tooele County Public Defender Conflicts Agreement- Jon D. Williams.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-12-02-Memorandum of Understanding & Partnership Between Tooele County and Grantsville City- Snow Removal Sheep Lane, Vegas Street and Sun Valley Drive.pdf
  Contract Review - 14-12-03-Space Lease and Service Agreement Between Tooele County and Kilgore Co..pdf
  Resolution 2015-14 - Adjusting the Tooele County B - Res 2015-14 DRAFT - Adjusting Budget for 2015 Fiscal Year.pdf
  Presentation of the 2016 Budget - 2016 Recommended Budget.pdf
  Resolution 2015-15 - Adopting the 2016 County Gene - Res 2015-15 DRAFT - Adopting Increase to General Levy Property Tax Rate.pdf
  Resolution 2015-16 - Adopting the 2016 County Muni - Res 2015-16 DRAFT - Adopting Increase to Municipal Services Levy Property Tax Rate.pdf
  Resolution 2015-17 - Establishing the Salaries of - Res 2015-17 DRAFT - Salaries for 2016 Fiscal Year.pdf
  Resolution 2015-18 - Adopting the Tooele County Bu - Res 2015-18 DRAFT - Budget for 2016 Fiscal Year.pdf