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Tooele County Commission6/2/20157:00 PM
Meeting Documents
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Supporting Materials
  Minutes - 04212015.Min-DRAFT.docx
  Invoices - invoices060215.pdf
  Invoices - revisedinvoice060215.pdf
  Tax Adjustments - taxadjustments060215.pdf
  Ratifications - Document 00v52v00 Contract Between Wardell Brothers Construction Inc. and Tooele County- Cochrane Lane Roadway Improvement
  Ratifications - State of Utah Contract Amendment #1 to Contract 151455 Between State of Utah Department of Human Services and Tooele County
  Ratifications - Agreement Between Tooele County and Ranch 77 Regarding Water Usage at the Tooele County Landfill
  Ratifications - Document 00 02 15 Contract Between Holbrook Asphalt LLC and Tooele County- HAS High Density Mineral Bond Roadway Improvement Project- Stansbury Park
  Ratifications - Ratifications - General Plan Proposal - Hales Engineering.pdf
  Ratifications - Ratifications - General Plan Proposal - CRSA Architecture Planning Interiors.pdf
  Ratifications - Ratifications - General Plan Proposal - Landmark Design Team.pdf
  Ratifications - Ratifications - General Plan Proposal - PDS Planning & Development Services.pdf
  Contract Review - 99-07-12- Communications Lease Agreement Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN) & Tooele County
  Contract Review - 13-08-04- Lease Agreement Between Tooele County and Valley Mental Health for the Tooele County Food Bank and Resource Center
  Contract Review - 13-08-08- Dispatch Service Agreement- Tooele County and North Tooele Fire District
  Contract Review - 13-08-09- Dispatch Service Agreement - Tooele County and Stockton City
  Contract Review - 13-08-10- Dispatch Service Agreement- Tooele County and Wendover Ambulance Service
  Contract Review - 13-08-11- Dispatch Service Agreement- Tooele County and Bureau of Indian Affairs
  Contract Review - 14-05-01- Operation Agreement for Deseret Peak Baseball and Softball Fields- Troy Johansen and Tooele County
  Contract Review - 14-05-02- Statewide Memorandum of Agreement for the Special Needs Registry
  Contract Review - 14-06-06- Tooele County License to Use Agreement- Jared Hamner and Tooele County
  Ordinance 2015-13 - Repealing Chapter 11, Discharg - Ord 2015-13 DRAFT - Repealing Title 6, Chapter 11, Discharge of Firearms Prohibited, TCC.pdf
  Ordinance 2015-14 - Amending the Official Zoning M - Ord 2015-14 DRAFT - Rezoning Warr and LDS Property in Stansbury Park, RR-1 to R-1-10.pdf
  Ordinance 2015-14 - Amending the Official Zoning M - Ord 2015-14 - Planning Commission Paperwork.pdf
  Contract Between the State of Utah, Administrative - Contract for Bailiff and Court Security Services.pdf
  Approval of Tooele County Marriage Policy  (P - Marriage Policy Tooele County.docx