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Tooele County PC11/5/20147:00 PM
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Supporting Materials
  Approval of meeting minutes for July 2, 2014 and O - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_145619.pdf
  Approval of meeting minutes for July 2, 2014 and O - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_150237.pdf
  ASU 2014-01 Final plat approval for Shady Brook La - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_151109.pdf
  SUB 2014-03 Final Plat approval for Gateway Neighb - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_151536.pdf
  SUB 2014-06 Preliminary plat approval for Clover B - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_152020.pdf
  SUB 2014-07 Preliminary and final approval for Zel - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_152443.pdf
  SUB 2014-08 Concept plat approval for Glenpoint Su - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_152931.pdf
  REZ 2014-012 Request to rezone property from A-20 - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_153336.pdf
  CUP 2014-09 Conditional Use Permit for dog breedin - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141124_093355.pdf
  Update on CUP 2014-07 Request for Kennel and train - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_154807.pdf
  Discussion and Decision on LUO 2014-01 Amending Se - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_155128.pdf
  LUO 2014-02 Consider amending Section 15-5.3.1(j) - SharpIT@co.tooele.ut.us_20141027_155534.pdf