†††††††† Chairman Bitner called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m. The time, place and agenda of the meeting had been provided to the Tooele Transcript Bulletin and to each member of the governing body by posting the notice and agenda at least two days before on the Tooele County website and emailing them a link.


1.††††† PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. †The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Adam Sadler, HR † Director.

2.††††† ROLL CALL.† The Clerk called the roll which showed Commissioners Wade Bitner, †††††††† Chairperson, Myron Bateman and Shawn Milne present.† Also present were Gary Searle, †††††††††† Deputy Attorney and Marilyn Gillette, Clerk/Auditor. Scott Broadhead, Attorney, was †††† excused.

3.††††† MINUTES.† Commissioner Milne moved to table this item. Commissioner Bateman †††††††††† seconded the motion. All concurred.

4.††††† CONSENT AGENDA.† Commissioner Bateman moved to approve. Commissioner Milne seconded the motion. All concurred.

†††††††† Invoices. A) Warrants issued on December 13, 2018 in the amount of $601,792.96. Check ††††††††††††† #175147 thru #175302; B) Warrants issued on December 19, 2018, Direct Deposit † Amount: $384,675.24, Direct Deposit Check #121918001 - #121918309, Check Amount † $3,974.17, Payroll Check #8817 - #8818. Transmittal Checks in the amount of $383,561.17, Transmittal Voucher #121920180 - #121920182, Transmittal Check #8819 - †††††††† #8824.

†††††††† Tax Adjustments.

Owners Name

Transaction #

Reason for Correction

†Relief Amount

Adj. Year

Brent Wilder JT


Veterans Abatement

†$††† (1,070.47)


Maria Ariel Powell


Veterans Abatement

†$††† (1,787.11)


John A. Paxman


Veterans Abatement

†$††† (1,934.61)


Thomas E. Prim JT


Veterans Abatement

†$††† (3,999.90)


Jayson Nephi Rogers JT


Veterans Abatement

†$††† (1,903.04)


Dana W. Webster JT


Veterans Abatement

†$† (2,071.42)


L. Wayne Hodge Trustee


Veterans Abatement

†$†††† (406.59)


Dale E. Barton


Veterans Abatement

†$† (1,393.93)


George Huber


Veterans Abatement

†$† (1,440.11)


George Huber


Veterans Abatement

†$† (1,557.12)


Tim Hoj


Registered as off road needed to be street legal

†$†††††† (98.00)


Robert Rudy

Vehicle Refund

Registered vehicles, then owner did not get the abatement on their home.

†$†††† (110.00)


Ricardo Gonzales

Vehicle Refund

Registered vehicles, then owner did not get the abatement on their home.

†$†††††† (70.00)


Cody Jackson


Registered vehicle, then car was wrecked and then sold.

†$†††† (110.00)


John Paxman


Registered then owner did not get the abatement on home.

†$†††† (150.00)


Paul Tenhet


Registered then owner did not get the abatement on home.

†$†††††† (10.00)


Kevin French

C558TZ and F061W

Registered then owner did not get the abatement on home.

†$†††††† (90.00)


Gary J. Warburton Trustee
Patricia Warburton, Trustee


Factual error in square footage of residence. Remeasured home and updated with correct figures.

†$†††††† (91.20)


Richard Kartchner


Incorfrectly Assessed

†$†††††† (39.68)


David Young JT


The home was double taxed as a Duplex and Multiple Residence for 2018. Removing the Multiple Residence for 2018

†$† (1,167.83)



5.†††††††† WEST ERDA TRUNKLINE BID APPROVAL.† Commissioner Bateman reviewed the ††††††††† history of the water situation in Erda. Running the sewer line on the west side to SPID †††††††† would allow it to be gravity fed rather than having to be pumped. This will take care of ††††††† any development in the area. The airport will be able to connect to this sewer line which ††††††† will allow development there.† In order to reduce the tax burden on the citizens, they need †††† to bring industry to Tooele County. The lowest bid for the project was $8,699,835.94.

††††††††††† Commissioner Milne stated this will be paid for by user/late-comer fees and ††††††††† developments in the area. Subsequent developments will pay for their portion of the line ††††††† as they connect.†

††††††††††† Commissioner Bateman stated they have been putting money aside for projects such as ††† this. He moved to approve the sewer project. Commissioner Milne seconded the motion. ††††††† All concurred.

6.†††††††† PUBLIC HEARING ON 2019 BUDGET ADJUSTMENTS. Tenille Tingey, Deputy † Clerk/Auditor, gave a presentation on the 2019 Budget Adjustments. Commissioner †††††††† Milne moved to open the public hearing. Commissioner Bateman seconded the motion. ††††††††† All concurred.† Those in attendance were: Chris Sloan, Susie Norton-Laird, Ken †††† Broadhead, Beth Broadhead, Tom Tripp, Doug Buss, Michael Buss, Miranda Smith, Rod ††††††††††† Thompson, Wayne Anderton, Daniel Pacheco, Brent Marshall, Jeff McNeill, Ethan ††††††††† McNeill, Torri Sanders, Charissa Beaty, Alan VonHatton, Lori Beaty, Jeremy Beaty, †††††† Connie Beaty, Clyde Christensen, Craig Saunders, Erik Murdock, Camey Frampton, Kirt ††††† Sasser, Michael Asplin and Wendy Sasser.

††††††††††† Tom Tripp, Grantsville, is concerned about the budget hearing time, no public †††††† information was presented, the meeting being held before 6:00 p.m. This is an example of †† poor governing. The amended budget was posted less than 24 hours. The process seems ††† to be designed to push the spending of money through without any public scrutiny. It ††††††††††† seems this hearing is a formality only, that ††† youíre not going to listen to any comments †††††† that are made.

††††††††††† Jeff McNeill, unincorporated portion of the county, is concerned with the trunk line. This ††††††††††† was planned well in advanced and should have been handled when the 2019 budget was ††††††† approved. He was concerned with the tax breaks that the county has given to businesses ††††††† coming into the county previously. He felt this is not an appropriate time to do this.

††††††††††† Matt Diamond, unincorporated portion of Tooele County, it is a travesty that this meeting †††††††††† was held at 1:00 pm. It seems like a fast one is being pulled. It would be nice if they ††† could see the scope of the project before itís approved.

††††††††††† Doug Buss, Erda, looking at the budget calculations. He has found it very difficult to ††††† follow how they come up with their numbers. This meeting is a travesty. They have † duped the people of Tooele County.

††††††††††† Brent Marshall, Grantsville, SPID may have to bear the brunt of the increased water and † sewer project when the expansion is required. Residents of Erda may be required to hook ††††††† up to the new sewer systems. Grantsville City offered to provide sewer and water systems †††† to the Erda area. He asked for all of the documentation for these projects.

††††††††††† There were no further public comments. Commissioner Bateman moved to close the †††††††† public hearing. Commissioner Milne seconded the motion. All concurred.

7.†††††††† RESOLUTION 2018-23 Ė ADJUSTING THE TOOELE COUNTY BUDGET FOR ††††††††††† THE 2019 FISCAL YEAR. Commissioner Bateman moved to approve. Commissioner †††††††† Milne seconded the motion. All concurred.

8.†††††††† RESOLUTION 2018-24 Ė REPEALING ORDINANCES 2018-10, 2018-11 AND †††† 2018-12. Attorney Searle stated this is at the request of the landowner.† These ordinances †††††† changed the zoning in that area and the land owner is now requesting that these ††††††† ordinances be overturned. With the repeal of the ordinances the land will go back to the †††† zoning it had before the ordinances were approved.

††††††††††† Commissioner Milne asked what the standard operating procedure for this would be?† ††††† Gary stated it is the property owners right to ask for the rezone, there is nothing legally †††††† standing in the way of them going back to what it was before. It resets the button. ††† Commissioner Milne, why would it be granted or why would it not. Gary, I canít think of an exception why it would not be.†

††††††††††† Clerk Gillette stated that with the repeal of these ordinances, her office will stop † verifying signatures on these three ordinances.

††††††††††† Commissioner Milne going back to what it was before he would think this would make ††† many people happy. It is the standard practice that you would grant this to go back to the †††††††† way it was.

††††††††††† Commissioner Bateman is in favor of granting this request. He is disappointed because of ††††††††††† the work that has gone into bringing water and sewer into this area. The sewer line that †††††† was going in this area was to be paid for by the developer. The wells in the SPID are all †††††† affected by the wastewater, so this creates a delay. He has tried to get a water ††††††††† conservancy district in this area. Unfortunately, the governments wonít work together, ††††††††††† which means the citizens lose. This project will provide $20-$30 M to SPID for a water ††† treatment plan.† He moved to approve.

††††††††††† Commission Bitner felt as we look to the future we need to look with 20-year eyes. He ††† respects the property rights of the owner, at his request, he would like to see this passed. ††††††††† Commissioner Milne seconded the motion. All concurred.

††††††††††† Commissioner Bateman talked about the Oquirrh Expressway they have been working †††† on. One of the developers has pulled out of the project.†

9.†††††††† ORDINANCE 2018-22 Ė ADOPTING THE OFFICIAL COMMUNITY ††††††† REINVESTMENT PROJECT AREA PLANS FOR THE ELEKTRON PLAN †††† AREA AND THE HORSESHOE PLAN AREA.† Commissioner Milne reviewed the † history of these projects. These projects sit on SITLA land which does not pay taxes † because it is owned by the government, however, if this goes to fruition, the third party †† will begin paying taxes. Commissioner Milne moved to approve. Commissioner †††††††† Bateman seconded the motion. All concurred.

10.†††††† REPLACEMENT OF WINDOWS IN COUNTY BUILDING. Commissioner ††††††††††† Bateman stated that the county building has problems with the heating and air ††††††† conditioning. Replacement of the old windows will help with these problems.


††††††††††† Michael Buss, Erda, was concerned with the repeal of the ordinances. Were the adjoining ††††††††††† property owners notified of the repeal? He felt the Clerkís Office should continue † verifying signatures.

††††††††††† Daniel Pacheco, Tooele City, is still waiting for details on the two GRAMA requests that ††††††††††† he submitted.

††††††††††† Suzie Norton-Laird, South Rim, felt residents should be respected rather than name †††††††† calling. Commissioner Milne always uses the threat of losing our law enforcement to †††††††† increase the budget. This is a perfect time to give the raise back that he didnít want last †† year. Give it to law enforcement. There was a rumor that one of the Commissioners were †††††††† being paid by the racetrack. It is sad that the community believed that.

††††††††††† Doug Buss, Erda, is concerned that one of the gentlemen asked about his GRAMA ††††††††† request, there seems to be some allegations about the legitimacy of the county †††† government. He would like to shut down the sale of the racetrack. It is not good financial ††††††† planning to spend the money on the racetrack before it is received.

††††††††††† Susan Christensen, Erda, was concerned if the referendums are not completed, how long before the developer comes back and asks for the rezone again.

††††††††††† Michael Asplen, Stansbury Park, Michael Buchanan is filing a quiet title on property next to his. The development needs to be stopped until the action is signed by the courts.

††††††††††† Tyson Rogers, Erda, has been to many Commission meetings. The Commissioners are †††††† not listening to the people. They are now repealing the ordinances that the signatures †† were gathered for. We donít want this right now. He knows that growth is going to †††† happen, but right now is not the time. Please listen to the people.

††††††††††† There were no further comments. Commissioner Milne moved to close the public † concerns. Commissioner Bateman seconded the motion. All concurred.

††††††††††† Commissioner Bateman stated, this is his last meeting. He came to this position with a ††††† 10-15-year plan. Some of the things they have accomplished: they have a transportation ††††† plan, water plan for Golden Gardens, walking trails, Village Boulevard, Pole Canyon ††††††† Road, Mormon Trail, funding secured for Cochrane and Tomís Lane, taking gravel trucks ††††† off Stansbury Boulevard the fund balance in this county has been increased from what it †††††††† was when they came into office; theyíve secured $75M for Mid Valley Highway, the †††††† county is no longer depending on PILT money to balance the budget. On the race track, ††††††††† the county and its management company have lost much less money than the previous ††††††††††† owners did. He discussed the agreement with Grantsville concerning water. Previous ††† Commissioners gave the countyís water rights away.

††††††††††† Commissioner Milne acknowledged a couple of things said during public comments †††††††† concerning budgeting. If they expect to get the revenue, they must put it in the budget †††††††††† now. He appreciated the opportunity of working with Commissioners Bateman and † Bitner. With their different prospective they have sometimes had a difference of opinion. †††††††† He thanked them for their time.† This is a job that no matter what you do, someone will ††††††† disagree with you.

††††††††††† Commissioner Bitner appreciates government more now than he ever did. They havenít ††† been able to provide information that has been requested because they were in the middle ††††††† of negotiations. There are some great people that work in the government. He discussed ††††† funds that the Commission has applied for that will help the road in Ibapah.

12.†††††† ADJOURNMENT. Commissioner Milne moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:10 pm. ††††††† Commissioner Bateman seconded the motion. All concurred.

The Foregoing Minutes Are Hereby Approved:


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††BY:†† ________________________††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††††† Tom Tripp, Chairman



BY: ___________________________††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

†††††††† Marilyn K. Gillette, Clerk