Lake Point Improvement District

Business Meeting

April 10, 2014



Notice is hereby given that the Lake Point Improvement District held its regularly scheduled Business Meeting on April 10, 2014 at 7:00pm at the North Tooele Fire Station at 1540 Sunset Road, Lake Point, Utah.  The agenda was as follows:


1.         Call to order

Meeting to come to order:  (digital recorder)

Motion:  Keith, Seconded: Todd, In favor: 5, Opposed: 0, Motion carries.


2.         Roll call:

            Keith Fryer, Todd May, Mary Lyn Robbins, Brady Morris and Mitch Hall


          (Ward Engineering-Brendan Thorpe)


3.         Public Concerns

(No public was in attendance)


4.         Approval of minutes

Approval of minutes for the Budget Meeting and Business Meeting of March 13, 2014: 


Motion: Todd, Seconded:  Mitch, In favor: 5, Opposed: 0, Motion carries.


5.         Financial Reports

a.       Approval of bills – (check #’s 3475-3479, 3481, and 3483 to -3487) total amount $4,956.48. OMWC payments to LPID for services rendered:  $2,496.03, check# 1840. Motion:  Brady, Seconded:  Todd, In favor: 5, Opposed: 0, Motion carries.

b.      Budget Report – Everything looks good.

c.       Balance Report – We will transfer money next month. 


      6.   LPID Policy and Procedural Manual

            Keith is going to email a copy of the manual to each board member for review.


            (We discussed the possibility of buying an air monitor for the LPID. 

            Todd has one for Crossroads Construction.  Brendan said that he thought Brett has one    for Stansbury as well).


7.   UPDES Permit Renewal

LPID’s UPDES permit expires March 1, 2014.  Keith is still waiting to hear back from them in regards to renewal.



8.   Utah Sanitary Sewer Management Program Permit

We have a current operating permit.  We are in compliance with DWQ requirements.  LPID’s permit expires on December 31, 2017.


     9.    W.E.T. Testing         

             There was a meeting on March 25, 2014 to discuss the chronic W.E.T. testing.  The          main purpose of the meeting was to talk about discharging into or near proximity to the       Great Salt Lake.  A follow up meeting will be scheduled in May 2014.


     10.   RPS pump failure

             The rebuilt pump was received on April 7, 2014.  The pump will be reinstalled on April    11th or 12th.  We discussed all of the possibilities of what went wrong with the pump.           Todd suggested that an excess amount of sand may have caused the problem.  He said to         take a sample while it is churning and see if an excessive amount of sand settles.


      11.   Operations Reports       

                    UPDES Compliance Report – March 2014

                        The district discharged the entire month of March 2014.


                        Monitoring results:      BOD = 15 ppm           (limit is 45 ppm)

                                                            TSS = 13 ppm             (limit is 45 ppm)

                                                            pH = 8.9                      (limit>6.0 pH<9.0)

                                                            Coliform = ND#100   (limit is 128)


Two aerators operated 24/7 for the month up until the 28th of March.  Dissolved oxygen levels remain low at 2.3 mg/1 until the 25th of March, then increased to 20mg/1. Aerators have been reduced to only 1 hour per day, primarily for mixing purposes only. 


LPID was in compliance with all discharge permit parameters. Influent flows – 0.243 mgd.  Effluent flows – 0.197 mgd.  Chlorine feed 0.31 ppm.


#1 and #4 pump stations operated without incident during the month of March 2014.


12.   Phone Service

  Keith hasn’t taken a phone to the garage yet.  He will take it to the garage this month.


13.   Other district business and trustee concerns


                a.     Board/Management Leadership Training – May 13, 2014.

    b.     2014 Annual Board Member Training for local districts- April 29, 2014

    c.     Beehive Business Center – They inquired about an RV dump station.  LPID may   allow limited dumping into a sewer lateral but not RV dumping by the general     public.             They will get back with LPID if the development of an RV dump station is pursued.

d.   LPID Business Meeting – May 8, 2014

14.   Adjournment

A Motion was made to adjourn the meeting of the Lake Point Improvement District of April 10, 2014 @ 8:00pm.


Motion:  Todd, Seconded:  Mitch, In favor: 5, Opposed: 0, Motion carries.