Text Box:  Text Box: 1Tooele County Children’s Justice Center
Advisory Board Meeting
January 21, 2016

Members Present

Members Excused

Members Absent


Rachael Cowan

Dave McCall

Shawn Milne

Kari Sorensen

Holly Cisco

Scott Broadhead

Jim Gowans

Roni Jones

Lisa Sorensen

Kevin Turner

Doelene Pitt


Ryan Warner (for Ron Kirby)


Brent Westover


Dave Angerhofer




Paul Wimmer




Mike McDonald




Kara Anderson




Diana Obray





Dave Angerhofer conducted the meeting. Lisa Sorensen approved the October, 2015 minutes, Holly Cisco seconded, all in favor.

New Board Member:

·         Mike McDonald is our new AG representative on the Board. Welcome!


·         Lisa Sorensen nominated Scott Broadhead for chair, Holly Cisco seconded; all in favor.

·         Rachael Cowan nominated Mike McDonald for vice-chair, Lisa Sorensen seconded; all in favor.

·         Lisa Sorensen nominated Kari Sorensen for secretary, Rachael Cowan seconded; all in favor.

Friends Board Report, Holly Cisco:

·         Elections:

o    Chair, Holly Cisco

o    Vice-Chair, Jenny Westover

o    Treasurer, Christy Johnson

o    Secretary, Kari Sorensen

·         Golf Tournament:

o    June 30th in Overlake.

·         Endowment:

o    We had a $2,000 donation which was deposited into our endowment account. The purpose of this account is to only use interest and not touch the principal which will give the CJC long term security. We are thinking of ways to advertise this account to hopefully receive more donations.

·         We have 6 new members!

·         House:

o    The County Commissioners have decided to move forward with plans to build a new House. Rachael attended the CBDG Grant training which will, if approved, help pay for the new building. Cindy Coombs has been hired to help write the grant. We will find out if we’re approved in March. Tooele County will donate the land. Friends Board could be responsible for paying up to $75,000. County will sell the house and use that money towards new house.

o    There are several repairs that need to be fixed now; windows, deck, new siding. Those repairs are underway.

·         Mike Mcdonald asked how the CJC is funded. Rachael Cowan explained how funds come from 4 sources; State (AG), Friends Board fundraising, donations, county contributions.

·         Text Box:  Text Box:  Text Box: Minutes by: Kari Sorensen SecretaryText Box: 2Mike McDonald asked what would happen to all Friends Board money if the Tooele County CJC was disbanded. Diana Obray answered that Federal Laws state that money should be donated to another charitable organization with similar goals.

Part-time Forensic Interviewer:

·         Pros and cons were discussed:

o    A part-time interviewer wouldn’t be available for all interviews. Our detectives/CPS workers would still need to be trained and able to interview.

o    Better quality interviews. This technique (NICHD) is more successful when the interviewer is experienced.

o    A huge benefit would be a non-bias interview.

o    We might be required to hire an interviewer in the future and it would be beneficial to begin process now.

·         State (AG Office) has agreed to pay a 75/25 split if we hire an interviewer which would estimate about $7,000 our share. TCSO, TCPD and GCPD could request the 25% difference from their budgets but would need some time to request that money. Money requested could be figured by percentage of which agencies conducted more/less interviews.

·         We would need to decide if they would be paid per interview or annual salary.

·         Provo, Washington and San Pete Counties all have hired interviewers. San Pete County has 4 so they can choose which interviewer would be best for each case/child.

·         It was asked if the Friends Board would be able to pay now until we could request the money from the agencies. Rachael explained that the Friends Board are paying so much with the house issues right now that they might be able to pay for a few months but not more than that.

·         Rachael will set up a meeting with Scott Braodhead, Sheriff Wimmer, Chief Kirby and Chief Turner to discuss further. If a decision needs to be made before our next meeting then Rachael will send an email to the Board; if not, we will discuss more at our meeting in April.

Old/New Business:

·         Budget: approved. County has agreed to all of Rachael’s requests.

·         Confidentiality Forms were signed. The following need to sign an updated confidentiality form:

o    Scott Broadhead, Jim Gowans, Ron Kirby, Dave McCall, Shawn Milne, Doelene Pitt, Kevin Turner, Brent Westover.

Motion to adjourn was made by Paul Wimmer, Mike McDonald seconded, all in agreement.